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Rhaetian Railway Rebrand

Designed a new brand identity for the Rhaetian Railway while also illustrating how the brand will be applied in different circumstances.


Brand & Graphic Designer




Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop



Choose a UNESCO World Heritage site and create a new brand identity for it. This brand identity will be applied to a range of items like a letterhead, an information sheet, business cards, a website, a van, site signs, a booklet etc.

The Rhaetian Railway

I chose the Rhaetian Railway, a railway that goes through alpine vistas, forests, and towns in Switzerland. It’s bridges and viaducts are said to be feats of engineering due to the heights they were constructed at.

Visual Summary

This is the overall visual summary (meant to printed at 44 x 48 inches). It includes all identity elements and items that show brand usage.

Visual Summary.png

Mark & Logotype

One of my tasks was to create two unique logos, one that was graphic and one that was typographic. Both had to work together in harmony.

Current Logo

This is the current logo of the railway, which incorporates both graphic and typographic elements.

Frame 15.png

New Graphic Logo Iterations

I wanted to make logos that focused on the surrounding environment and viaducts, especially since the viaducts have historical significance in the engineering field.

Version 1

These were illustrations of the actual train and environment. I was frustrated because they didn’t feel like logos.

Frame 13.png
Frame 14.png

Final Version

I created an isometric graphical mark, featuring the train, a viaduct, and a mountain.

Railway Logos-29 copy.png

Version 2

I received feedback that I should focus more on shadows in the environment, and this is my second version from that advice. My last iteration was the strongest, but the shadows of the viaduct looked like an ‘m.’

Railway Logos-02.png

New Logotype Iterations

The logotype has to be recognizable and stand alone from the the graphical mark. However, they also have to work in harmony. I once again focused on the viaducts, making use of their height to manipulate letters.


Railway Logos.png

Final Version

This was the most effective logotype because it felt the least cramped. Also, when combined with the graphical mark, it looks like two sides of a railway.

Railway Logos-29 copy.png

Graphical Element

Another task was to create a pattern or graphical element to go along with the brand.

Initial Versions

I wanted to focus on the natural elements around the railway, and I tried incorporating both the sky and the trees. However, the trees weren’t working, and it felt too busy. You can see an example in the letterhead.



I got rid of the trees and extended the sky. You can also see the up-to-date logos in this version.


Overall Identity


Frame 10.png

Graphical Element

Graphical Element.png


Frame 11.png


I wanted to use angles in the type because the logo is isometric and has angles. Also, angles are very Swiss in design, so it made sense.

However, there are accessibility considerations, and the text must be readable at an angle. So,
only the header text is angled, and paragraph text doesn’t have angles. This is because headers are large or bold, so they can be read at angles.

The angle is 18 degrees, which is the same text angle as the logotype.

Identity Summary.png

Logotype & Mark

Railway Logos-29 copy.png



8.5 x 11''


Info Sheet

8.5 x 11''

Info Sheet.png


The envelope is meant to enclose the info sheet and letterhead.

A10 Template

Envelope Template.png


Envelope Front.png


Envelope Back.png

Business Card

2.5 x 6''


Business Card Closed.png


Business Card Open.png
New Yorker Ads-03_edited.jpg

New Yorker Advertisements

This is a series of three New Yorker advertisements (displayed sideways). They showcase unique sites along the railway through full-bleed photographs.

This is meant to advertise a Rhaetian Railway Exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts.

New Yorker Ads-01_edited.png
New Yorker Ads-02_edited.jpg


The booklet showcases two different informational articles: one for the Rhaetian Railway and one for UNESCO as a whole. I angled the bottom of the pages to mimic the angle of the logos. This is a book meant to be printed and stapled along the edge.

Page Size: 7.5 x 10’’





Example Spreads



This is the design for a van, with a modified logo to make the railway itself stand out. I did this to make the van eye-catching and clear as to what it’s advertising.



Current Website

Current Site.png

For the website, the only deliverable was a new landing page. The current Rhaetian Railway website focuses on photography, and that’s effective because the landscapes are eye-catching.

New Designs with the New Brand

I incorporated the photography in a new way that also showcased my brand elements and new identity.

Desktop Landing Page

Updated Desktop.png

Mobile Landing Page

Updated Mobile.png

App Button

App Button.png
App Button on Phone.png

Site Signs

These are informational signs meant to be placed in the train stations themselves. The curved shape mimics the arches in a viaduct. The actual information is typeset in 8 languages: German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

Material: Stiff Waterproof Vinyl

Site Sign Summary.png


You can see 4/8 languages below.


Visual Summary

Visual Summary.png
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