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Designed a responsive website and brand identity for a company that’s creating a new form of birth control.


Design Lead


Project Lead - Livia Lemgruber

Tech Lead - Anne Shen



Designers - Ruchi Patel, Iris Zhang

Developers - Shuhang Han, Tracy Huang

Client Asks

Design a website and brand identity that promote the product’s differentiators and feel credible.

Design & Development

We followed an agile creation process, consistently communicating with our client, developers, design director, and potential users for feedback.

Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 11.37.32 PM.png


A clean, clear, and approachable website with an emphasis on Venova’s good qualities in comparison to competitors.

Sneak Peek.png

Competitor Analysis

We started by looking at the branding and structure in other pharmaceutical and birth control websites.

Initial Competitor Research.png

Most websites used clean design with accents. Common pages included ‘who we are, what we do, work with us, about us, research, our science, and careers.’

We also concluded that it is important to define differentiators right away.

Target Audience

We then created user stories for potential users of the website or the new birth control product.



User Stories

User Stories.png

After consulting with our client, we realized that she didn’t have specific information to give us (like code of conduct or insurance info), so we decided to follow the more generic user stores.

Feature Prioritization

We created a set of potential features and whittled them down based on client feedback. We then created a feature prioritization list.


Least Important

Most Important


We created a set of potential features and whittled them down based on client feedback. We then created a feature prioritization list.


Low-Fidelity Wireframes

These are some of our low-fidelity wireframes. Our client decided to take information out of our initial flow (like market size visualizations and the research behind the product). She also decided that the ‘About Venova’ page didn’t need to be separated by stakeholders vs. consumers. So, these wireframes have some changes from the initial sitemap.

Home - Mobile.png
What We Do.png
Why Venova - Mobile-1.png

User Testing

Testing Method

We asked testers to go through our screens and think aloud as they did so. We recorded thoughts, facial expressions, challenges, and successes. We also asked them to complete specific tasks like ‘find more information about the founder’ or ‘learn more specifics about Venova’ in order to see if our structure made sense.


After our testers completed the tasks, we asked a series of questions:

  • What are your overall thoughts?

  • What did you like? Is there anything that could be improved?

  • We were attempting to convey Venova’s qualities. How well did those qualities and differentiators come across?

  • What were your thoughts when navigating the website and completing the tasks?


Most of the pages made sense. However, every participant said that the ‘About Venova’ page could be improved.

Why Venova - Mobile-1.png
What We Do.png


The page is too long, especially on the mobile version.


The timeline of goals and accomplishments feels the least important and should go at the bottom.


The characteristics and differentiators section is too text-heavy and could benefit from some visuals.


It doesn’t make sense to include the specific side effects in the chart, especially since we’re trying to promote Venova.


Why Venova - Mobile.png
What We Do.png


I added a ‘Quick Links’ section at the top and got rid of FAQ because our client didn’t have enough info for that section.


I changed the ‘Characteristics’ section to be in card format, with placeholder boxes for icons


Our client actually gave me the copy for the comparison table, and I got rid of the specific side effects.


The timeline of goals and accomplishments was moved to the bottom.

Initial Brand Strategy

We handed our wireframes off to the developers and began working on Venova’s brand strategy.

Personality Levers

Personality Levers.png

We conducted a brand exercise with our client, trying to understand both her and our expectations of what Venova’s brand might look like.


We created six moodboards, which capitalized on the starred characteristics in the personality levers. Our client chose her favorite two.

Clean & Informative

Clean Moodboard.png
Informative Moodboard.png

Initial Strategy

Our client wanted us to use blues and greens, and she wanted Venova’s brand to feel somewhat sterile.

DS 1- Cover.png
DS 1- Reason for Being.png
DS 1- Moodboards.png
DS 1- Colors.png
DS 1- Image Selection.png
DS 1- UI elements.png
DS 1- Typography.png
DS 1- UX Concept.png

Color Experimentation

Unfortunately, we realized that solely having blues and greens would not work because it didn’t feel like a birth control brand. We looked at other birth control sites, and all of them incorporated warm pinkish colors.


We realized that a good color identity needs to be appropriate and specific to the brand according to consumers. In other words, the colors need to feel like a birth control company.

Venova Color Experiments

We experimented with adding warm colors, consistently keeping color contrast and accessibility standards in minds.


High-Fidelity Wireframes

Here are some of our high-fidelity wireframes.

Home - Mobile.png
Our Solution.png
Why Venova - Mobile.png
Press - Mobile.png

Design System

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